Verse 8: How can I know that the Unmanifest, which I cannot perceive, really exists?

saukṣmyāt-tat-anupalabdhiḥ nā-abhāvāt kāryataḥ tat-upalabdheḥ |
mahat-ādi tat-ca kāryaṃ prakṛtisarūpaṃ virūpaṃ ca ||

sūkṣma – subtle
anupalabdhiḥ – non-perception
kāryatas – through its effects
upalabdhi – perception

Relying on causality, I Infer it from its effects.

  1. Having acknowledged the limitations of my own senses (verse 7), I acknowledge that not being able to perceive a thing does not necessarily mean it does not exist.
  2. And so I allow that not being able to perceive the Unmanifest (Prakrti) does not mean that it does not exist.
  3. I can perceive Intelligence (Mahat) and everything that the Unmanifest (Prakrti) causes.
  4. I can infer (verse 6) that therefore there must be something that causes Intelligence (Mahat).
  5. I identify that which causes Intelligence (Mahat) as the Unmanifest (Prakrti).
  6. I acknowledge that there are things that are too subtle for me to perceive (verse 7).
  7. And so I acknowledge that the Unmanifest (Prakrti) may also be too subtle for me to perceive.
  8. In my attempt to infer what the Unmanifest (Prakrti) is, I acknowledge that like a son is similar to and different from his father, so the effects of the Unmanifest are both similar to and different from it.

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