Creative Process

The creative process is made up of three parallel and interwoven generative sequences: study, paint, share.


October 6th, 2021






October 30th

At any given time I can choose to relate to one of three verses: the one I am studying, the one I am painting or the one I am sharing. For clarity, peace and focus I am actively engaged with only one verse at a time. If I feel stuck in a relationship with one verse I may move to one of the others. So if, for example, I am having difficulty undersanding a verse I am studying I may shift to the verse that is next up for painting. I typically engage with the next verse to be shared in the two week period prior to its publication.

By following this process I engage with each verse three times over a period of (at least) a few months. This give me plenty of time for each verse to sink in and find its place comfortably in my understanding and my experience of the wholeness of the text. There have been quite a few verse where I felt confused, stuck and challenged while studying a verse. Now, having followed this process, they all feel like the fit naturally together.

The core process is, by now, fairly stable and established. However it and each of the sub-processes are alive. They have changed since this journey began and may continue to change over time.

Below are the generative processes that have evolved for each of these activities: