Verse 6: How can I know an Unmanifest that I cannot perceive?

sāmānyataḥ tu dṛṣṭāt-atīndriyāṇāṃ pratītiḥ anumānāt |
tasmāt-api ca-asiddhaṃ parokṣam-āpta-āgamāt-siddham ||

atīndriyāṇāṃ – beyond the senses
anumāna – inference
āpta – credible
āgamā – testimony
siddha – accomplished one

Through inference and valid testimony.

  1. There are things that are beyond the senses and therefore beyond direct perception.
  2. They can only be known through inference.
  3. Because they are beyond the senses (no one has and no one ever will experience them directly) they can only be inferred through familiarity. For example: the experience of color infers sight.
  4. Then there are things that are even beyond inference.
  5. How can I know something that is beyond inference?
  6. Things which are beyond inference come to me either through valid testimony or revelation.
  7. Revelation occurs to “realized” people who have seen through the cause and effect of nature to the pure consciousness of the Knower.
  8. Since I am not such a person, I turn to accomplished authoritative teachers (and the teachings they carry).
  9. An authoritative teacher can share with me knowledge that has not yet been revealed to me.
  10. Therefore, the presence of a teacher expands my own cognition.

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