Verse 31: Is there a benevolent orchestrator?

Verse 31 asks how the coordination of the organs-of-senses described in the previous verse occurs?

How is it that the grass grows in time for a cow to graze so that it can produce milk to feed its calf? It is so tempting to point to another thing, a unifying principle, a god perhaps, some benevolent intelligence that orchestrates this dance of life.

But Samkhya, a philosophical system, has been building up over 30 verses up a rigorous metaphysical ground that does not include a conscious benevolent creator:

  1. Spirit has been acknowledged as an inactive witness (see verse 19)
  2. Conscious choice has been described as an illusion (see verse 20).
  3. It has been argued that Spirit & Nature come together because need each other (see verse 21)
  4. And the purpose of their union is their ultimate separation (also verse 21)

… and this purpose is what gives all of experience, the entire dance of Primordial Nature (Prakrti), direction. Nature isn’t really concerned about feeding calves. Nature is concerned with creating experiences that can be witnessed … by the cow, the grass, the calf … and me … because when I witness the cow grazing and the calf feeding from the cow I am being gifted with an invitation to notice the quality of witnessing itself within me … and maybe … just maybe … one day I may come around to asking: what is witnessing? … so that the purpose of the unification of Nature and Spirit may be fulfilled.

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