Verse 11: Opposite & Similar

In verse 11 Spirit comes into focus. The “that which” mechanism is unleashed in all its glory. Spirit is that which is opposite & similar to the Manifest and Unmanifest. I choked on that one for quite some time.

The generative drawing and painting process really helped me to digest it. It was only when I assembled the table (presented in the verse) that I started to get a sense of the profound wholeness of this definition. This feels to me like an unparalleled feat: such a concise definition that literally says so very little yet expresses such a vast understanding.

This journal entry and verse were due to be released yesterday. I usually start the process of reflecting on the verse for the journal entry promptly after publishing the previous verse. It usually takes about a week for the journal entry to reach completeness. That leaves me another week to tweak both the verse and the journal entry until they are published.

But I was in Israel for 3 weeks. I’d prepared verse 10 in advance so it was ready for publication during the visit. But after that, I could not go anywhere near Samkhya. I felt embedded in an agitated world and I was present in it and the agitation permeated me. And though I did not lose sight of myself, the agitation kept me somewhat removed and distant from myself.

It was clear to me that the journal entry and this verse would not be ready on time. I did not know how long it would take me to re-member myself and to become available to meet Samkhya once again. Then, yesterday, when I reviewed the verse and met “opposite & similar” it was as if the entire visit to Israel shifted in my consciousness. The visit became an embodied experience of “opposite & similar.”

  • I was fundamentally similar and very opposite to my father.
  • I was somewhat opposite but more similar to my sister.
  • I was similar in the language and opposite to the dominant culture that has emerged around it.
  • I was “similar” in attending a circumcision ritual that was also done to me (when I too was 8 days old) and opposed to it being inflicted on yet another being.
  • I was similar in presence but opposite in belonging to my cousin (the father of the newborn).
  • I was opposite in belonging and similar in longing (to everyone?)
  • I was similar in longing (with a lover) and found myself opposite to what I was longing for.
  • I was similar to my embodied self and simultaneously opposite to it.

As I write these words an understanding of sorts feels present in the back of my neck and there lives a question: what is it that is really similar & opposite?

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